Remembering Women

ANTRIM, Minnie (1885 - 1968)
American Red Cross Poster
CARFRAE, Harriet Louise (1879 - 1921)
KREUTZER - BATIG, Katherine Rose (1887 - 1965 )
LAMB - BURT, Mary Alice (1878 - 1974)
MUNRO, Mabel Gray (1884 - 1953)
SWAIN-GALLIVAN, Mary (1893 - 1953)

Influenza in Miami County and the world
With biographies of Martha Ann Brooks and Anna Otiker

Index of Miami County, Council of National Defense, Women's Committee Cards  updated link

War Work for Women

Index of Miami County, Council of National Defense, Women's Committee Cards

The Formation of The American Red Cross in Miami County with biographies of the original leaders

Report of the Woman's Section of the Indiana State Council of Defense downloadable pdf with chapter on Miami County

In Miami County,  Indiana the same women served on committees for the local American Red Cross and the local Women’s Council of Defense and the report at the end of WWI muddles and confuses which was which.   In fact, during WWI the work of the Red Cross and the Women’s Council of Defense was so intertwined that some references interchange them as though they were one and the same. It also varies from report to report which group was in charge of the other.  Women were also very busy with projects to support the troops through the YMCA and the various church’s women’s circles.   But clearly all groups cooperated to achieve the same goals, and at least at the local level rolled up their sleeves and worked together.  The following lists and the articles to which they are linked are, although as complete as can be determined at this time, merely a partial listing of the women who made important and lasting contributions during the time frame of WWI.
Miami County Indiana Chapter of the American Red Cross Executive Committee

Women’s Council of Defense - Miami County, Indiana


Hospital Garments and Supplies

Surgical Dressings Department

Knitting Department




Comfort Kits

Junior Red Cross

Home Service Department

Salvation Army
Christmas Boxes For Boys Overseas
Linen Shower

Motor Corps

Nurses Survey

Liberty Loan Committee

Girls Liberty Guard

Food Production (Gardens)

Home Economics (Food Clubs)

Child Welfare

Propaganda Committee (educational department)

Community Chorus


Fourteen Minutes Women’s Speakers

Red Cross Nurses of Miami County Indiana WWI
Supervisors Knitting
Mrs A.P. Tudor, Chairman

First row sitting Left to Right
  • Miss Bessie Wilkinson
  • Mrs. George Kenny
  • Mrs. J.H. Ream
  • Mrs. A. P. Tudor
  • Mrs. K.M.Muhlfield
  • Miss Harriet Hackley
Second Row Standing Left to Right
  • Mrs. Robert Rooney
  • Mrs. Clifford Millhouse
  • Mrs. Charles Harrison
  • Mrs. J.G. Breckenridge
  • Mrs. Charles Vance
  • Miss Mollie Cox
  • Miss Emily Mitchel
  • Mrs. Wm. Alexander
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The Miami County Red Cross Chapter during World War I. These ladies were the knitting supervisors. They taught the Red Cross workers skills including knitting socks and preparing bandages.

Women's Section Miami County Council of Defense

Women's Defense Council
Left to Right:
  • Miss Carrie Rhein - Chairman Liberty Loan Committee
  • Mrs. Mary Morehay - Chairman Publicity Work
  • Miss Gertrude Thieland - Chairman Educational
  • Mrs. Riley King - Chairman Home Economics
  • Mrs. J.O. Cole - Chairman Red Cross and Allied Relief
  • Miss Ruth M. Burton - Secretary Women's Section
  • Miss Helen Sullivan - Captain Girls Liberty Guards
  • Mrs. Emma Berry (standing) - Chairman Child Welfare
  • Mrs. William West - Chairman Women's Section
  • Miss Harriet Henton (standing) - Vice Chairman Women's Section
  • Miss Louis Huffman - Captain Girl's Motor Corps.
  • Miss Clara Morehay - Chairman Maintaining Existing Social Service Agencies
  • Mrs. Harry E. West - Chairman Advisory Board of Food Clubs.
  • Miss Eleanor Kartholl - Chairman Historical Committee
  • Mrs. S.T. Porter - War Mother
  • Mrs. Charles McClure - Chairman Enrollment & Women's Service and French & Belgian Relief

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